Displaying your Vehicle

The general rule of thumb is that all display vehicles should be 25 years old or older i.e. 1999 or earlier.

‘Supercars’ and other interesting/unusual vehicles are also welcome.
If you are uncertain as to whether or not your vehicle is ‘eligible’, please contact us at [email protected] – we will be pleased to hear from you.


You basically have some choices

Drive up and display – on the day ‘ALL vehicles cars and motorcycles‘ – suggested minimum donation £5 on the day (vehicles must be registered before Jan 99)
Book– reserve your ‘car‘ spot suggested minimum donation £10 in advance. (vehicles must be registered before Jan 84)  – NOW SOLD OUT

PLEASE NOTE this is now non-refundable donation with proceeds going to Willen Hospice 

see below


This is exactly that – arrive on the day.
Cars Park in either Cofferidge Close or the High Street.
‘Motorcycles’  – marshals should be hand to assist/direct (ALL vehicles should be 25 years old or older i.e. before Jan 99) – Click on the maps below for guide

• One of our volunteer marshals will be on hand to greet and direct you on arrival. They will
politely ask for your £5 donation (on behalf of Willen Hospice) and direct you to the available spaces.

• When safely parked, please make you way to the Market Square information tent to register and collect your information card, when completed place the ‘information card’ in a viewable position in/on your vehicle for our spectators’ convenience (and if you’ve taken the registration card away to fill in – pop it back to the information tent on the Market Square or perhaps hand it to a marshal).

Perhaps a good time to consider buying a Classic Stony Limited Edition enamel badge – only 100 made so ‘when they’re gone they’re gone’ – or a collector’s rally plaque, potentially available after midday, again very limited numbers.



  • BOOKING FOR (Market Square)
     (all funds go directly to Willen Hospice as before).
    Individuals that have booked will be will be be able to download their ‘all important event pass’
  • – Verified bookings will entitle you to a collectors 2024 Classic Stony rally plaque (Please collect this on the day, from the information tent on the Market Square, we would ask you to take your Classic Stony eventbrite pass as proof of entitlement).
  • – Booking will be open to owners of cars or vehicles that require a car sized space (minimum donation £10).
  • – Limited spaces and all vehicles must be registered before January 1984. (these details to be finalised)

On the day – as per last year
Pre-booked (link to booking site- ‘eventbrite.co.uk’) vehicles are to head for the Market Square
There is NO REQUIREMENT for motorcycles to book a space just head for the Market Square; our volunteer marshals will be on hand to assist.

PLEASE NOTE To take advantage of your reservation we request you arrive at the Market Square between 9.30am and 10.30am, after this time we may have to release unused spaces to our drive up and display visitors. SEE GUIDE BELOW.


If you are bringing a vehicle on a trailer, please get in touch ([email protected]) as an early arrival is strongly recommend (pre 9:30). We do have an off-site trailer park, although there are other car parks in the town.


If you represent an enthusiast group or car club, please get in touch so we can ‘try’ and allocate you spaces together ([email protected]).


As with all open and public spaces, the public could well put in an appearance, they usually do at some point, Please be EXTRA VIGILANT when arriving parking and leaving –  Spectators/visitors (including other drivers) can be easily distracted by the spectacle of it all. Just remember, were all only one step away from a accident

It also makes sense to keep an eye on your vehicle and possessions, as the team (all volunteers) cannot be held liable or responsible for any claim. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

We look forward to seeing you all there on the day!



If you have mobility issues, difficulty in parking, please let us in advance and we will do our best to accommodate. 



This year they will be in the following categories:

  • Cherished Choice Award
  • Best Saloon
  • Best Motorcycle
  • Best of British
  • Best Sports car
  • Ladies Choice Award
  • Best of Show

The presentations will be at 2.30pm in the Market Square